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Batch for Academic Session for 2014-15 Commences from July 2014 . Last date for Applications 31st July, 2014 .  Apply online now.   Special Evening / Weekend Batch (experience preferred) for SEM and EBM for working candidates.


I never knew the thrill of being a entrepreneur till I started with my PGDM:EBM at IIME. I always wanted to have my own business. But the idea scared me as I thought it was risky. What if I failed? And again I was confused whether to begin my restaurant, which was my passion, or whether to go for some other business. My 1 year at IIME gave me a fantastic exposure to the real world of business. This course taught me how to identify the right business opportunity and make my business plan. I even got to know which entrepreneurial competencies I had and which I needed to develop and learn. Infact, this learning boosted my confidence so much and gave me so much clarity that I am now a successful entrepreneur running my own restaurant of fast food. IIME has mentored my entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge both. I keep sharing my plans to diversify and grow with my mentors at the institute and my bond with IIME is so warm and fulfilling.


I am currently working as an Account Manager at the Oracle Headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. I studied PGDM in Entrepreneurship & Business Management from IIME in 2009-2010. In 2009, I was looking for a specific fast track education course that can enable me to learn the core business management in short time, education that is specialized and most importantly, affordable - the only place where I could see all these qualities intersect is IIME. Not only this college offers you expertise to begin your own business, but it also is a unique blend of experienced faculty and like minded students connected to elite set of small and large business executives - this gave me an edge and insight into the business world. Graduating from IIME has helped me at every step in my career since then and it still continues to do so. I know that I am soon going to be an entrepreneur. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to reap all the benefits that I have experienced and mentioned in a nutshell above.


At IIME, learning is achieved at an exponential rate. We learn not only in the classrooms but in the field and it is a life-long learning. I can never forget the various methodologies used for teaching which are very innovative and comprises case-studies, role plays, simulation exercises, groupwork, experiential, etc. The one month Dissertation provided me an OJT (on the job training). The hostel here and sumptuous food at mess makes me feel like having a home away from my home! All credit to IIME which provided me such an excellent and Holistic education that I got a job with an International institute- ICRISAT.
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